Home explores and investigates themes of human migration and displacement. Across the globe, from the dawn of civilization, migration has been a definitive and enduring feature of humanity. All humans in every social formation and society have recent or distant ancestors who trekked, wandered, or journeyed to new locations as a result of cataclysmic crisis or external demands that compelled relocation for survival and success. Find out more
In 2013 State of Emergency was commissioned by Arts Council England to create Love&Sex, a dance theatre production with choreography by Colin Poole and Alesandra Seutin, and an original score by Steve Marshall. Love&Sex toured the UK in the Spring of 2014.Exploring issues of love, sex and consent, this ground breaking initiative examined the emotions, pressures and comedy of sexual relationships.Special thanks to Creative Youth Network, Station Arts Centre, Z-Arts, Brook and the University of Durham: Centre for Sex, Gender & Sexualities. Find out more
An inspirational cross-cultural performance that toured nationally and internationally. This is a critically acclaimed collaboration between State of Emergency and South African choreographer Gregory Maqoma of Vuyani Dance Theatre, Johannesburg. Find out more
State of Emergency’s new national education project Re:Position is underway with workshops run by amazing leaders, Tony Adigun (Avant Garde Dance) and Vicki Igbokwe (Uchenna Dance Company). In Bristol we are working with talented young men to develop their skills, working towards a performance at the Harbourside Festival this summer. In London we have a group making their performance debut at the Cultural Explosion event at Rich Mix this Easter. Find out more
Christmas 1984. L-R Caroline Singer, Deborah Baddoo, Patrick Congas, Steve Marshall, Nick O'Connor, Freddy Nelson, Peter McIntyre

State of Emergency is a performance and production company, committed to the creation of high quality work, and to creativity and innovation in the fields of dance and music. As a producer in its own right, and also as an advocate for artists and performers, State of Emergency has established a national and international reputation.

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Where Is Home? the big questions...
16 Feb 2015
What are the themes behind SoE's forthcoming production?

Co-Mission " a new Mission!
13 Feb 2015
State of Emergency and Freddie Opoku-Addaie join forces for an inclusive adventure

State of Emergency wins Trust!
11 Feb 2015
New charitable company up and running.

Dancers named for Where Is Home? R&D
11 Feb 2015
Gonna be a State of Emergency!

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This extract from Desert Crossings is called “Deity”. A State of Emergency Production, in collaboration with Gregory Maqoma of Vuyani Dance, with original score by Steve Marshall.