State of Emergency belongs to an international music network. Composition, recording and live music are integral to the company’s work. Pictured L-R: Nick Gilmore, Steve Marshall, Reuben “Sleepy” White, Tempo O’Neil, Spoonface & Rodger Griffiths. Photo ©2015 Irven lewis.
Desert Crossings is a collaboration between State of Emergency and Johannesburg based choreographer, Gregory Maqoma. Here’s a picture taken after a run of performances at the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, South Africa.
Deborah Baddoo MBE founded State of Emergency with singer Steve Marshall in 1986. Here’s a picture from SoE’s 25th anniversary celebration at Lilian Baylis Studio, London. Photo ©2015 Peter Japal.
Photograph of Alesandra Seutin’s dancing feet taken at the creative day for Where Is Home? Photo ©2015 Daniel Spencer.
Lerato Lipere danced in Desert Crossings, and is returning to dance with State of Emergency for the forthcoming international production, Where Is Home? which asks the questions: Where do you come from? How did you get to this point in your life? Where are you heading? Where is home? Photo ©2015 Daniel Spencer.
State of Emergency’s 2014 production, Love&Sex presented choreography by Colin Poole and Alesandra Seutin and an original soundtrack by Steve Marshall. Pictured: Gerrard Martin & Connor Quill. Photo ©2014 Brian Slater.
State of Emergency’s talent development programme, Re-Position, takes place in London and Bristol and involves training and performance opportunities for aspiring talent. Plans are afoot to expand the programme and to open up in Manchester too. Photo ©2014 Martin Daglish.

State of Emergency is a performance and production company, committed to the creation of high quality work, and to creativity and innovation in the fields of dance and music. As a producer in its own right, and also as an advocate for artists and performers, State of Emergency has established a national and international reputation.

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R&D Reflections
15 Jun 2015
Where Is Home?

California Dreamin’!
15 Jun 2015
State of Emergency’s Los Angeles Summer School

15 Jun 2015
Preparations Begin

21 Apr 2015
State of Emergency gets busy!

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This extract from Desert Crossings is called “Deity”. A State of Emergency Production, in collaboration with Gregory Maqoma of Vuyani Dance, with original score by Steve Marshall.