State of Emergency, founded in 1986, is a performance and production company, committed to the creation of high quality work and to preservation and innovation in the fields of dance and music. We are also a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England.

In 2015 we set up the registered charity, State of Trust, to help raise funds to further develop the good work of the company.

State of Emergency lead by example, as artist/leaders, forming alliances that support engagement in and appreciation of the arts by a broad cross section of society. For over three decades State of Emergency have performed, educated and inspired people across a wide range of activity, and have also provided opportunities for hundreds of emerging and established artists.

We are very proud of our achievements so far. But we'd really like to do more! We want more people to be inspired, educated, entertained and moved by engagement with dance and music. And we need your help.

Your gift will make a difference. Even small amounts will help introduce someone to their first experience of dance, or help us to keep producing innovative work and bringing it to audiences around the world.

Whether you feel able to give £1 - £1000 or more as a one off gift or a regular annual commitment, all donations are gratefully received.

Please use the button to donate now. Thank you.

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Photo by Irven Lewis

Photo by Irven Lewis