State of Emergency develops compositions and soundtracks for its productions and projects, and maintains a diverse network of international musical talent. Music is an integral part of State of Emergency’s work and our experience in collaboration between live dance and music is unique. SOE’s Musical Director, Steve Marshall is principally a singer/songwriter who cut his teeth as Lee “Scratch” Perry’s English apprentice. His work with Lee Perry earned him two Grammy nominations and led to projects with Keith Richards and George Clinton.

For the production Love&Sex SOE collaborated with original Jazz Warriors, Alan Weekes (Guitar) and Kenrick Rowe (Drums), and for our international production Where Is Home? the soundtrack was written and recorded in Johannesburg with Grammy winning South African flautist, Wouter Kellerman and his band.

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Steve Marshall, Founder State of Emergency. Photo by Irven Lewis

Pictured L-R: Nick Gilmore (Piano), Steve Marshall (Vocals/Guitar), Reuben “Sleepy” White (Drums), Tempo O’Neil (Vocals), Elroy “Spoonface” Powell (Vocals) & Rodger Griffiths (Bass). Photo ©2015 Irven Lewis.